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8 reasons why we choose Tampa Bay?

We will discuss the reason why we think Tampa Bay is great and name specific reasons why we choose Tampa Bay!

1. Great weather all year around

Temperature ranges between 65 in winter and 95 in summer time. It has on average 361 sunny days a year. You will never get cold in Tampa Bay!

2.  Top-rated beaches in North America

Most popular beaches are St Pete Beach, Fort De Soto Park, Clearwater Beach, Treasure Island and Madeira Beach.

3.  Military Force

Tampa Bay is home to MacDill Air Force Base, it hosts United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), and Headquarters, United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). It employs about 15,000 people and host impressive air show each year.

4. Low cost to run business

Tampa is one of the best large cities to start a business according to Wallet Hub. It’s known that Florida doesn’t have a state tax and on top Tampa Bay is considered to have relatively inexpensive land with convenient logistics which helped to attract headquarters for multiple big corporations like Citigroup, Raymond James, USAA, Franklin Templeton, HSN, Bright house.

5. Cost of Living and Housing

It’s less expensive to live in Tampa Bay than in most other cities of US. In comparison with NYC, the cost of living is 26.75% less expensive and 3% less than national average. The cost of housing is 6% lower than national average.

6. Lower Unemployment rate (4.2 % in 2016)

Tampa Bay is ranking second in the state for job growth. It added about 50,000 jobs in 2016 to compare with previous year. Tampa Bay ranks first in job demand; it’s up 4.3% in 2016 to compare with last year.

7. Great lifestyle

The cost of living here is more affordable than most major metros. Tampa and Hillsborough County offer top amenities, including the #2 hospital in the state, some of the most beautiful communities in the country, hockey arena, football stadium, theaters, top-rated restaurants one of which has the largest wine collection in the country (Bern’s) and the beach.

8. Growing Russian population

There is a growing Russian population, of approximately 40,000, living in Tampa bay with Russian restaurant, Russian grocery stores, Russian church and other community events held for Russians like Old New year holiday held by Russian Heritage Organization in Downtown Yacht Club, St Petersburg. There are lots of russian speaking professionals like attorney, CPA, Realtors, Lenders etc. 

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