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There Are Still Undervalued Properties In Tampa Bay, Florida

If you are looking for great property to invest in there are a few things you want to consider:

  • Location- Not only you want to invest in an area that is attractive but also you want to invest in an area where prices are rising.
  • Job and population growth.
  • Proximity to the beach.

When you consider these three keys to property investment then it is clear to see  Tampa Bay Real Estate is a great place to invest.

Tampa Bay Still Has Undervalued Properties

2017 was a great year for Tampa Bay Real Estate with prices of properties rising an average of 8%. In addition, rents in the area continuing to rise but are still lower than the average rent across the nation. Some Tampa Bay Real Estate investors saw an 8% return on their cash flow in rent.

Predictions for this year 2018 are looking almost as bright with home sales expected to rise from between 1.3% to 1.7% or higher.

But, the better news is that Tampa Bay ranks 29th among the top 100 housing markets in the United States proving that Tampa Bay Real Estate shows solid growth that is likely to continue.

Tampa Bay Is Experienced an Increase in Job and Population Growth

Another thing that makes Tampa Bay Real Estate Investments so attractive is the increase in job and population growth. For starters, the unemployment rate fell in 2017 as more job opportunities opened up in the Tampa Bay area.

In addition, Tampa Bay has seen an increase in Job and population growth in the last couple of years, including high paid jobs in the tech and health care industry. An increase in populations in an area is good news for those looking for Tampa Bay real estate investments since new people for the area will be looking for housing.

New Home Builds

In order, for the Tampa Bay Real Estate market to continue the growth. You need inventory and with new homes coming to the market there will be more inventory for investors to invest in.

Whether you are looking for an undervalued home to flip or property for a long term investment, Tampa Bay still has undervalued properties where investors can make money  in a beautiful Florida community.

We have a strong and long record where we match investors with properties where they can enjoy 8% return on their money. Once they buy a property, our company offers a property management with a very competitive pricing. Our service offers stress free and easy process of owning Real Estate in Tampa Bay, Florida. Most of our investors are from Canada. A lot of times,  they don’t even come for viewing of the property. With today’s technology, we can show properties through the video call and provide all details of the property per email and on the phone. Many investors are interested in buying a property in Tampa Bay with a goal to retire here which is a very smart plan. There is no better place to retire than Tampa Bay, Florida. Beautiful beaches and warm weather all year around! 

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