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Mirada Lagoon

Mirada by Metro Place community Mirada Lagoon is an expansive, man-made lagoon serving as the centerpiece of the master-planned community of Mirada, located in San Antonio, Florida. This community offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to enjoy a resort-style experience with the convenience of everyday living. Created by Crystal Lagoons, the world’s leading […]

5 Essential Tips That Will Help You to Get a Mortgage

A good number of people usually feel anxious and uneasy when they need to get a mortgage, with lots of thoughts going through their heads. Are you among this type of people? Well, this article aims at educating you on essential things and explain on how to get a mortgage.  Below are five essential things […]

Why do you need 4 point Inspection when buying a house in Florida?

The 4-Point Inspection is required to get insurance coverage for older homes.  This type of report gives a clear understanding  of the house structure to insurance companies. That’s why when you are buying home in Florida, you Real Estate Agent or Mortgage banker will recommend you to get 4 point inspection.  A 4-Point Inspection is […]

Closing Costs if Buying a House in Florida

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Florida, you will learn that Florida closing costs are somewhat average in the nation. According to, Florida is the 17th-highest closing costs in the country. While average closing costs range between 2 and 5 percent nationally. Average closing costs in Florida can be around 3% of […]

Purchasing Florida Real Estate as a Foreign National

 Investing in Florida Real Estate as a Foreigner? Not a problem but few things to know beforehand… Just like any American citizen, foreign nationals are given same opportunity to purchase Florida real estate for their personal use. These properties can be bought in their own names, or the name of a corporation; just like any […]

There Are Still Undervalued Properties In Tampa Bay, Florida

If you are looking for great property to invest in there are a few things you want to consider: Location- Not only you want to invest in an area that is attractive but also you want to invest in an area where prices are rising. Job and population growth. Proximity to the beach. When you […]

Differences between Owner’s Insurance Policy and Lender’s Insurance Policy

Owner’s Insurance Policy and Lender’s Insurance Policy Almost every time before or at the closing, we get the same questions about the differences between Lender’s Policy and Owner’s Policy. These are the closing costs that every buyer or borrower sees at the closing document. We understand why it’s confusing that’s why I clear this question […]

How to buy a house in Florida successfully?

Buying a house in Tampa Bay, Florida successfully with a professional team of Mortgage Banker and Real Estate Professional! Recently we helped a family in Tampa Bay, Florida that encountered a few challenges on their way to home ownership. Not appreciating the complexity of mortgages these days, they decided to first contact their bank for a […]

Why it’s not a good idea to start looking for a home without preapproval?

I hear a lot of buyers start looking for a home without getting preapproved for a mortgage. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to look online and get a general idea of prices and get a feel of the market. But if you are serious about purchasing a home it’s strongly recommended to get preapproved first […]