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Закрытых ипотек


Закрытых Сделок


Лет в Недвижимости

NMLS# 2569569

Со мной стоит работать, потому что:

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1. 99% Закрытых Сделок

Банк платит мне только, если вы получаете дом! Мой успех — Ваш успех, поэтому я предоставлю Вам лучшие условия из возможных!

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2. Индивидуальный Анализ

Я проанализирую Вашу ситуацию в деталях, определю процентную ставку и просчитаю шансы на получения ипотеки.

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3. Ежедневная Доступность

Вы можете связаться со мной в любое время! Не важно, это выходной, праздник или отпуск — я всегда на связи для своих клиентов!

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4. Любой Бюджет

Я работаю с любыми бюджетами! Даже если это 100 000$ И вы мне ничего не платите! Я получаю деньги от банка.

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Dream come true

3 июня, 2024

Thanks a lot to Yulia and her team.

They did amazing job. I just 10 months in USA and I bought a house. It’s unbelievable, but already fact. My family and I so happy. Highly recommended Yulia team to everybody. (Houston, TX)


This team delivers results

31 мая, 2024

Julia’s team is experienced and professional! They found the best lender to fit my particular not 100% ideal case, got the best rates, and promptly processed paperwork on their side. Special thanks to Ekaterina. She always answered my questions, kept me informed about the application progress and supported with her beautiful cheerful attitude. Satisfied with the results! Definitely recommended.


Awesome work

5 апреля, 2024

Thanks to Julia Lysenko for the work done. Julia helped us to buy our first home. Everything went as planned. Thank her very much! I will contact you again!

Mikhail Lysenko

Very happy 😁

29 марта, 2024

We were delighted with Yulia’s professionalism. Yulia offered us the best conditions we asked for. She and her assistant Ekaterina were always in touch, always calm and friendly, ready to explain. Buying my first home was very calm and stress-free. It’s a pleasure to work with such people. Thank you very much ❤️


Julia is a fighter!

9 марта, 2024

I have never met such an enthusiastic go getter like Julia. She makes it happen! She made the process so easy and supported me with all the first time homebuyer questions I had. I highly recommend Julia!


Julia's team go above and beyond for their clients

18 января, 2024

Taking a mortgage could be stressful, but Julia and the team make it look easy. They are always on top of everything, respond within minutes, and happy to clarify any nuances (even outside of their direct responsibilities).

This isn’t our first purchase with Julia, and we will definitely work with her in the future!

Denis Li

The result is more than excellent!

8 октября, 2023

Julia helped us buy our first home in the USA. Our case was non-standard, but Julia showed patience and calmness in finding a suitable mortgage option for us. Our family is very grateful for a beautiful home!

Yury Shumakov

She did it again!

20 сентября, 2023

This was my third time working with Julia and her team and they did not disappoint! Responsive, professional, knowledgeable and simply pleasure to deal with! Highly highly recommend Julia’s team for your mortgage needs.


100% professionals

23 августа, 2023

Had awesome experience working with Julia and Natalia! All the process was smooth and I felt lots of support on all steps! It’s great to have such professional people behind your back that are ready to help you at any time and explain everything!

Thanks for helping us moving forward!

Nataliia Khmelnytska

Julia is a professional

11 ноября, 2022

Julia is a professional, she helped us a lot with the purchase of a house !!! thanks a lot

Aleksei Feoktistov