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What is the first thing to do when you want to buy a house?

Get Preapproved by the bank Here

You don’t want to look for the house, fall in love with it, start making plans moving in, and then realize that you cannot get a mortgage or you can get a mortgage but for a different amount. 

It doesn’t cost anything to talk to the loan officer to find out if you can get a mortgage, for what amount, your mortgage payment, closing costs etc. Why not to use this valuable source at no cost to you?

It’s actually one the only free and at the same time professional consultation you can get these days. When you go to a doctor, attorney, CPA or any other specialists, it costs you something but not when you talk to the loan officer. 

I should agree and note there might be some loan officers who didn’t get a change to get experience yet or they simply don’t care because they get enough volume in their pipeline not to worry about more complicated loans or loans that potentially need more consideration and ways to save money. 

That’s why you look at the reviews of the loan officer or ask your friends or relatives for recommendation. Another person to ask for referral is your real estate agent. They have dealt with many loan officers and know who to trust and who to avoid. 

Once you decide which loan officers can help you the best, then get preapproved. I don’t recommend you sending you personal info to multiple banks and allowing every bank to pull your credit score which potentially lows your score. Besides, once the loan officer knows he is ‘not the only out there’, he won’t care about looking for the way to save you money and won’t spend much time reviewing your info and potentially missing important data, hence, it can cause to deny the loan later. 

Hope it helps you to make a right decision to choose your loan officer. 

If you want a reliable, caring loan officer who has 99% closing rate and who has lowest rate in the market. Call Julia Lysenko at 727.251.5089.

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