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Орландо, Флорида. Работа, развлечения и стоимость жизни.

Почему люди выбирают город Орландо для проживания? Город Орландо находится в центральной части штата флорида. В самом городе Орландо проживает 280,000 человек. В  округах Орландо  примерно 2.4 миллиона  жителей.  Рост населения почти 2.5% в год.  Сейчас это один из быстро растущих Городов Америки. Последнее время за неделю в этот город переезжает примерно 1,500 человек.  Цены, […]

Get Preapproved. Mortgage in Tampa Bay. Lowest rates.

What is the first thing to do when you want to buy a house? Get Preapproved by the bank Here You don’t want to look for the house, fall in love with it, start making plans moving in, and then realize that you cannot get a mortgage or you can get a mortgage but for a […]

Getting a mortgage when you are self-employed

You are a business owner and work for yourself! Congratulations! Do you want to get a mortgage while being self-employed? Keep in mind that the rules for obtaining a mortgage for the self-employed work differently than for those who work for the company and getting paychecks. What are the differences in getting a mortgage when […]

Can a Non-U.S. Citizen Get a Mortgage in the U.S.?

Most important thing when you are getting a mortgage is to be legal and being able to produce paperwork for Work Authorization that doesn’t expire at least for one more year. Of course, you will have to explain your situation. Either, it’s Asylum or Family Sponsorship that makes you still wait for a green card […]

5 reasons Why We Love St.Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida is a coastal community that sits on the tip of a peninsula surrounded by Tampa Bay on one side and St. Pete Beach and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. “What don’t we love about St. Pete” is probably an easier question to answer. Residents of St. Petersburg benefit from the […]

5 reasons we love Tampa, Florida

Recent reports place Tampa as one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. The migration is expected to have a positive effect on an already thriving economy, including favorable boosts in retail and new home construction. Tampa is a gem on the West Coast of Florida. Recent plans to add to the already vibrant […]

5 Reasons to get life insurance when you have a mortgage

Life insurance is one of the insurance that covers unpredictable life events and provides safe future of their dependants. It is even more important when you have a mortgage as it gives you peace of mind knowing that your family is protected no matter what. Here are five reasons why you need to get life […]

Why online pre-approvals don’t work

Regardless of which type of loan you want to get, the reality is that getting one is a complex and tedious process: you have to find the best option for your needs, you have to compare companies or banks that offer you what you need to get the best deal and then you have to […]

Miami vs Tampa

Miami vs Tampa For those who are considering moving to either Miami or Tampa Bay, it should be noted that both cities offer strong reasons why they should be considered. As two major cities in the state of Florida, they are currently expanding at a considerable rate. However, there are some differences that you should […]

Russian Speaking Mortgage Banker in Florida

Julia Lysenko is a Russian Speaking Mortgage Banker in Florida. She has a reputation for going the extra mile for her clients and achieving great results. She specializes in helping people purchase homes, refinance their home and even helping foreign nationals purchase property in Florida. Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, purchase a new […]