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5 Things You Might Not Know About St. Pete Beach, Florida

Many people visiting Florida might think that St. Pete Beach is the name of the main beach in St. Petersburg, Florida. But St.Pete Beach is a standalone town, officially incorporated in 1957. It was originally called St. Petersburg Beach, but to avoid any confusion, initially it was called like this by locals then converted to officially to St. Pete Beach in 1994. Here are 5  facts about St Pete Beach that you might not know yet!

Fact #1: St. Pete Beach is a home to one of the best beaches in USA

St pete beach

St. Pete Beach includes over 7 miles of pure white sandy beaches, and main attraction is Ft. De Soto Park Beach, which is routinely ranked along with Siesta Key Beach as one of America’s top beaches. Ft. De Soto Park Beach has something for everyone, including a park with grills and playgrounds, a fishing pier, nature trails and, oh yes, plenty of sandy space to just chill out and relax while enjoying plenty of sunshine. St. Petersburg is known as “The Sunshine City” and Florida itself is known as “The Sunshine State,” so it’s no surprise that St. Pete Beach is pretty much a year-round sunshine paradise.

Fact #2: St. Pete Beach has variety of restaurants

St pete beach

Of course, you can head to Downtown of St. Petersburg which is about 15-20 mins away from St Pete Beach or Tampa but many beachgoers prefer to hang out right on St. Pete Beach, which includes many bars, restaurants, boutiques. Even if you are a foodie, you will find a foodie paradise here like restaurant Sola Bistro on Gulf Blvd will leave you speechless and you will want to be back there next day and tell all of your friends about their delicatessen and great wines.

If you are looking for a dive place, Drunken Clam is the place. I don’t think it’s possible to find it any more dive than this! You can spend a week and go to a different place to dine every day! Personally, that’s one of the big reasons we are in love with St Pete Beach as we love variety of restaurants and beach quality. If you want the bar with real views, check out Level 11 in Grand Place Hotel.

Fact #3: St. Pete Beach has a history

St pete beach

While it’s possible to spend your entire day at the beach, sooner or later, you might want to learn about the history of St. Pete Beach. Two great starting points are the Pass-a-Grille  which was declared as National Historic District in 1989 and the historic Don CeSar beach resort, built in 1928. Did you know that Don CeSar used to be a hospital during the Great Depression? You can also check out the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum, which is based inside a 1917 church. 

Fact #4: St. Pete Beach is a dog-friendly town

St Pete Beach dog beach

If you want to bring your dog with you to St. Pete Beach, you will find out that’s many other people do the same! St. Pete Beach actually has a dog-friendly beach area, the Ft. De Soto Paw Playground right on the beach. And there are several dog-friendly off-leash parks located throughout the town. Needless to say, many restaurants are also dog-friendly, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself dining next to some adorable animals. If you need to find pet sitter for a night or two or get your dog pampered at the salon, it will be no problem too. 

Fact #5: St. Pete Beach is actually a barrier island

St pete beach

St. Pete Beach is a naturally developed island which makes it very quaint and unique. There are three different bridges that connect St. Pete Beach with the larger city of St. Petersburg. St. Pete Beach is an area that becomes home to many visitors. There are so many stories from locals who visited it once and wanted to move there regardless if they were from another state or another country. If you enjoy beach, fishing, boating and jet skiing, you will find St Pete Beach easy to visit and hard to leave.

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